Hublot celebrates ten years of love for art

The Swiss manufactory Hublot has been working with contemporary artists for ten years in order to make new models not only works of watchmaking art, but also real art objects. To mark the date, the brand brought together five famous ambassadors at the Faena Forum in Miami and turned the event into a stellar party and immersive art exhibit.

The event was attended by iconic people from the world of art and design: Samuel Ross, Shepard Fairey, Maxim Pleschia-Bushi, Mark Ferrero, and Richard Orlinski. The winner of the Hublot Design Prize 2021 Mohammed Iman Fayaz also appeared on the forum.

The presentation allowed the artists to show their works and give them a special interpretation.  The Round Room is the perfect canvas for Hublot’s philosophy and artists’ ideas.

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