Harry Winston’s new Forget-Me-Not Twın Rıng captures nature at ıts most beautıful

Toi et moi translates to ‘you and me’. When it comes to jewellery, it refers to a style of ring with two gemstones set side-by-side—each traditionally representing one half of a couple. Dating back to late 18th century France, it was made popular by French empress Joséphine de Beauharnais when Napoleon Bonaparte proposed to her with a toi et moi ring featuring a pear-cut diamond and a pear-cut blue sapphire. 

While historically seen as a symbol of romance, its meaning has grown to encompass the various precious connections that bind any two people—including, of course, the indelible bond between mother and child. Take the matching toi et moi rings that adorn the hands of Kylie Jenner and her daughter Stormi, for instance, gifted by partner Travis Scott. Embodying the strength of kinship, the symbolic piece of jewellery has become emblematic of the love that ties a family together.

With two delicate wildflowers in perennial bloom, Harry Winston’s new Forget-Me-Not Twin Ring captures the magic of nature at its most enchanting. Available in pink sapphires, blue sapphires or rubies, each vibrant bloom is set beside a complementary diamond flower on a minimal platinum setting. A stunning medley of round brilliant, pear-shaped and marquise stones come together to form each ethereal bloom—the elegant silhouette of its namesake flower reimagined through delicate, sparkling jewels.