It’s interesting: Indian jewelers have created a ring with the largest diamonds. The Marigold ring has been awarded by The Guinness World Records for the ‘most diamonds in a single ring’.

Renani Jewels, based in the Indian city of Meerut, have created a ring with the largest precious stones. It was a dream project for two masters of the brand – Harshit and Anil Bansal. It took about three years to develop the design and manufacture.

On the Marigold ring contains 12,638 natural diamonds with a total weight of 38.08 carats. It weighs 165 grams. Each stone was selected according to its shade and checked for purity. The ring was tested and certified by the International Gemological Institute (IGI).

Each petal has its own individual shape and it doesn’t have perfect symmetry, like in real marigolds. In Indian culture, this flower is a symbol of good luck and prosperity. Jewelers will not put it up for sale yet.

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