GRAFFABULOUS Chapter 1 – The Legend of Mermaıds and A fantasy world, envısaged by Graff

Goddesses of the ocean, sirens of the sea, their graceful movements reveal glimpses of untold treasures that glint as the sun pierces the waves.

An extraordinary collection of the finest yellow diamonds is transformed into a wonderfully contemporary study in shape and form.

Titled “The Legend of the Mermaids,” it comprises three elaborate jewelry sets, with a focus on necklaces. Graff Design Director Anne-Eva Geffroy explained in a statement from the London-based design house that its high jewelry designs are guided by the rare stones they feature.

Graff noted that the new high jewelry collection’s precursor, the “Tribal” collection, also proved to be inspiration. As with Tribal, accent diamonds used in Graffabulous were often cut into fancy shapes to better harmonize with larger stones.

The Legend of the Mermaids chapter isn’t overtly sea-inspired. Rather, it focuses on fancy vivid yellow diamonds that call to mind the ocean’s horizon line as the sun rises and sets.

The campaign for the first chapter, however, is a more obvious reference to the mythical goddesses of the sea. Graff enlisted three models—Grace Elizabeth, the company’s new muse; as well as Aya Jones and Qun Ye—pictured on a rocky coast and partially submerged in the sea to depict its mermaid interpretation.

Each is wearing a different Graffabulous suite, led by an elaborate necklace and complemented with earrings, bracelet or cuff, and ring. Two sets mix fancy vivid yellow diamonds and colorless diamonds, while one features only colorless diamonds.

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