Graff ‘Wıld Flower’ jewellery collectıon takes ınspıratıon from an Englısh garden

A garden in full bloom is traced in diamonds in the verdant new jewellery collection by Graff, ‘Wild Flower’. Characterised by a relaxed, naturalist aesthetic, jewellery comes to life as it snakes its way around the body, with diamond-coated petals curling lightly over the finger or earlobe, or stringing an asymmetric path around the collarbone.

‘We wanted to convey an impression of true vitality – like a flower that has freshly bloomed,’ says Graff design director Anne-Eva Geffroy. ‘So we focused on creating asymmetrical configurations and organic dimensions that lend vibrancy to the jewels. In the hand, each piece looks like a real flower, with the petals lifting towards you.’

Flowers bloom together in uneven clusters on rings or dazzle alone in statement earrings. The pieces in the collection encompass necklaces, earrings and rings that celebrate the contrasts found in a natural garden, with undulating petals and gradients of form.

Varying sizes are juxtaposed on oversized necklaces, with the form of the flower reflected in clean empty space, which makes a graphic foil for the intricately drawn petals. ‘The delicacy and uniqueness of each “Wild Flower” piece demanded that we take a true high jewellery approach, with the designs placing strong emphasis on the diamonds,’ adds Geffroy. ‘To heighten their prominence, we limited the metal on display to an absolute minimum so that the setting of each stone is almost invisible. Every flower also incorporates an elevated centre diamond, with a hidden setting so that it appears to float.’

This sharp technicality and offbeat silhouettes bring modernity to a motif that has long been a part of Graff’s design history. ‘Here, the flower is freed from tradition and bursting with life,’ Geffroy says. ‘Each one of the jewels is distinct yet complementary, inviting women to wear diamonds their way, by mixing, matching and mismatching the pieces to assemble their own brilliant bouquet.

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