Garrard release a collectıon ınspıred by Prıncess Dıana’s engagement rıng

Garrard 1735 – this collection inspired by the most famous engagement ring in the world. Prince Charles gave the sapphire and diamond ring to Princess Diana in 1981. Since then it has remained one of the most significant and popular ring in history.

Surrounded by a halo of diamonds set on 18K white gold, and intense blue 12K oval sapphire found in Ceylon mesmerized everyone and matched Lady Dee’s eyes perfectly. She sincerely loved her ring and didn’t part with it almost until the last day of life. Now the engagement ring belongs to Kate Middleton, Prince William presented it to her in 2010.

In the new collection, Garrard recreates Diana’s ring with precious sapphires, rubies, emeralds and aquamarines. The collection includes luxurious pendants and earrings, charming wedding rings, each of which is decorated with a central round or oval stone, framed with one or two rows of diamonds.

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