Dıscover the Unrıvaled Precısıon of the Versace V-Legend Skeleton Watch

Within the illustrious legacy of Versace, a new chapter unfolds with the introduction of the V-Legend Skeleton Watch for Fall-Winter 2023. This release is a meticulous blend of the House’s iconic heritage with a forward-looking vision, embodying a narrative of excellence and innovation in watchmaking.

As a celebration of precision and design, the V-Legend Skeleton reveals its heart through a golden-finished dial, showcasing an intricate automatic skeleton movement. This feature allows aficionados to appreciate the delicate dance of gears and springs, the veritable essence of timekeeping, encapsulated within a timepiece that speaks volumes of Versace’s dedication to craft and innovation.

The watch case is a triumph of modern materials, conceived from black eco-ceramic, seamlessly integrating sustainability with luxury. It carries the unmistakable imprint of Versace’s aesthetic, embellished with a 3D logo and twin Greca motifs. This alliance of future-thinking material with hallmark design cues symbolizes a bridge between tradition and what lies ahead, all while staying true to the brand’s commitment to environmental consciousness and style.

Details, often the silent bearers of luxury, are vocal in their elegance within the V-Legend Skeleton. The dial is a symphony of brand iconography with the Versace logo and Greca proudly displayed, while the black bio-PU strap features additional brand signifiers, with a 3D logo at 12 o’clock and a 3D Medusa head at 6 o’clock. The extra-large crown completes this ensemble, embossed with the Medusa head and Greca, subtly echoing the brand’s identity and adding an extra layer of refinement.

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