Dıamond Servıces CEO Joseph Kuzı ıntroduced the technology that separates natural and lab grown dıamonds

Within the scope of the cooperation between the Turkish Gemology Laboratory GLT and Diamond Services DS, serving under the Istanbul Chamber of Jewelry, Diamond Services CEO Joseph Kuzi explained the technology that can analyze 100 percent in gemstone. The meeting, which was extremely productive, was attended by IKO Chairman Mustafa Atayık, Deputy Chairman Turhan Gürdal, Jewellery Exporters’ Association Vice President Ayhan Güner, IKO Board Members Hraç Arslanyan, Rıfkı Baş, Aykut Erhan, Ufuk Güneş, members of the sector and representatives of publications serving the jewelry industry.

Explaining that the service, which provides analysis results with 100% accuracy in the GLT Laboratory within the chamber, will begin in a few weeks, IKO Chairman Mustafa Atayık called on all sector members to use the said international certification service.