DeGem Respırer Jewellery Collectıon Leads To Mındful Breathıng

To unlock the inspiration for its latest fine jewellery collection, DeGem’s Creative Director Choong Jiayueh looked to the very prosaic human condition of taking breaths—an act which connects each of us to our present. “The DeGem Respirer (French for ‘breathe’) is made for every woman who strives to be the generational change she wants to see in the world, by her voice or her actions,” Choong says. 

Choong is also part of the family ownership of DeGem who have operated in Malaysia for more than four decades, being one of a select few in Malaysia to provide haute joaillerie (made-to-order) services for their clients. In time, DeGem jewellery has been seen on international socialites and Hollywood stars, including Reese Witherspoon, Awkwafina, Idina Menzel and Janelle Monae. 

In the research and development process, the DeGem team centred on the theme of mindfulness. “This idea of mindfulness had great relevance following the past three years in which we lost a certain sense of control,” she says. In a stroke of genius, DeGem’s jewellery designers chanced upon a study of yoga poses, equating it to a single precise moment of mindful breathing. That would eventually lead to the signature ‘standing diamond’ that defines this collection—a year-long effort to craft an innovative diamond setting that lifts its centre-stone for optimal visual impact. “It represents the temporary calm when we mindfully inhale,” Choong describes of this standing diamond.

With the 15-piece DeGem Respirer, Choong and the team of DeGem designers and craftsmen focussed the creations around the use of gold to enable contrasting displays of materials, with various finishes, including fine satin, to portray depth and solidity. This was intended to encourage clients to also experiment with mixing and stacking of precious materials, such as rose, white and yellow gold (Choong recommends a bangle and a ring for daily wear, and then adding to the ensemble for dressier evenings). Adorning these designs is the unmistakable brilliance of diamonds featuring price-upon-request marquise-cut diamond earrings, a pure line of baguette diamonds on a bangle with matching ring, and twin pear-cut diamonds on the 18k yellow gold DeGem Respirer ring.