Cartıer presented a new rıng from the Trınıty collectıon

Louis Cartier, heir to the founder of the Cartier Jewelry House, presented the first Trinity ring in 1924. The adornment of three intertwining hoops made of white, yellow and rose gold has become a kind of hallmark of the House, as well as a symbol of French chic and elegance. Cartier not only created a piece of jewelry whose design was timeless, but also endowed it with powerful symbolism. Each of the elements of the ring tells its own story: rose gold symbolizes love, yellow – loyalty, and white – friendship.

In the spring of 2021, the Jewelry House presented an updated version of the jewelry: the ring now consists of seven elements, but doesn’t lose its historical color combination and ideology.

At different times, jewelry from the Trinity collection was worn by the greatest cinema artists: Jean Cocteau, Grace Kelly, Romy Schneider, Gary Cooper, Princess Diana, Kate Middleton and others. This ring can rightfully be considered one of the first unisex jewelry in history.