Bucherer Fine Jewellery first launched the Rock Diamonds collection, featuring sparkling creations which are both elegant and dynamic.

Now, the House is building on this range of interesting shapes formed through the overlapping and superimposing of diamonds and their settings, placing greater emphasis on the trapezoid cut in 2024. Newly-created necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings utilise asymmetric patterns to create bolder designs which are near-weightless.

One of the highlights of Rock Diamonds is an exclusive high jewellery necklace in white gold, featuring 16 trapezoid cut diamonds and 732 brilliant diamonds. The trapezoid cut diamonds in this collection are set alongside brilliant diamonds in white gold, creating an interplay of shapes and light.

The staircase-shaped arrangement of the facets of the trapezoid cut diamonds creates a particular depth to each design, simultaneously revealing more of the gemstone’s surface. These latest designs make perfect additions to existing collections and will draw attention whether worn alone or styled together.