Buccellatı’s legendary Macrı collectıon opens a new chapter steppıng ınto a chromatıc twıst

The Macri Color collection symbolizes continuous work on pure beauty and elegance. The magical iridescent effect of the gold surface, given by the very fine “rigato” engraving, meets stones with mysterious charm and bright colors. A perfect marriage of art and technique, the creations in this collection are a testament to high craftsmanship and unmistakable icons of Buccellati style.

The rigato effect, obtained by handmade engraving, reaches its peak of virtuosity in the Macri Collection. The surface is wavy and embellished with brilliant-cut diamonds set in tiny star-shaped rosettes. Small and shiny gold beads play with the opaque texture and the light of the diamonds.

Characterized by stones with a mysterious charm and bright colors, this collection represents the perfect combination of technique and aesthetics. The sinuosity of the shapes, given by the softness of the “striped”and “ornate”, and the vividness of the stones combine with elegance, making the style perfectly recognizable Buccellati.

Furthermore, the contrast given by the use of gold in different colors further accentuates the scenographic and highly chromatic effect of these creations.

The collection consists of stud or pendant earrings, rings and cuff bracelets, and is inspired by the rings and earrings of the line Cocktail, whose elegant proportions and colored stones enhance all the techniques and craftsmanship typical of Home.

From beyond 40 years, the collection Macri is synonymous with excellence, quality and unparalleled beauty. Conceived by the creative genius of Gianmaria Buccellatisecond generation of the family Buccellati, this collection is an example of noble simplicity. Inspired by the femininity of the daughter Maria Cristina, Gianmaria took the first syllables of his two names and baptized the new design in “Macri”. His intention was to create a jewel, which was the apotheosis of the goldsmith’s tradition Buccellati, with a particular emphasis on engraving techniques. He therefore developed jewels with a unique charm, managing to replicate the magical iridescent effect of silk on the gold surface.

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