The celebrations for Brosway Italia’s 20 years of success started on Sunday May 22nd with a first event reserved to some of the best partners of Bros Manifatture Group (Pianegonda, Rosato, S’Agapõ, Bros cinturini, Dhiva packaging). Throughout 2022, there will be more events dedicated to national and international partners and the press.

Hosting the event, the President of Bros Manifatture Group Lanfranco Beleggia, together with his sons and daughter Maurizio, Valerio, Beatrice and Riccardo, went down memory lane remembering all the important milestones achieved during these years, while also thanking all the guests for their trust and collaboration.

During the convention, the company introduced the brand strategies to all attendees and invited Mr. Davide Cavalieri from Cavalieri Retail to give a speech on the evolution of the consumer’s purchasing behaviour within the jewelry sector.

At the end of the convention, Brosway Italia hosted a private cocktail party and gala dinner at Palazzo Alaleona, an historic building from the XVI century that has been entirely restored by President Lanfranco Beleggia, who is keen on investing in the preservation of the Marche territory. Special guest for the night was Italian singer and musician Pago.

Brosway Italia is the symbol of Italian style, it is a dynamic and innovative way of being with colorful, easy-to-wear and high-quality jewelry distributed all over the world.

Bros Manifatture Group has become stronger and stronger within the jewelry fashion sector, so much it closed the first trimester of 2022 with a 35% growth compared to the previous year, also thanks to its international and digital orientation, especially for the US and Chinese markets. This growth is also linked to an active collaboration with all the clients, always evolving into exclusive partnerships turning into the opening of new stores dedicated to the brands of the Group

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