Bros Manifatture Group, the parent company of Brosway Italia, is thrilled to announce the opening of a new flagship store in downtown Pescara, a city located in the Abruzzo region, in the centre of Italy. The store is entirely dedicated to two of the brands from the Group’s portfolio, Brosway Italia and S’Agapõ, and it was opened in collaboration with Gem’s care, a top partner operating within the Abruzzo region, which committed to the project in an enthusiastic way.
For the occasion, a special cocktail party with dj set took place on Saturday, July 10th, and it generated a good turnout and strong approval from visitors, who were introduced to both brands, their synergy and values. The new store, in fact, merges the vision of both brands.
Brosway Italia is a fashion jewelry brand that interprets the latest trends and highlights the style and attitude of anyone wearing its creations, with women’s and men’s collections suitable for all ages.
S’Agapõ, is a brand targeted to youngsters, with an energetic, vitaminic appeal aimed at creating colourful looks and a rock-pop attire that communicates joy and self-expression.
From the outside, the store features two windows facing Corso Umberto I, a very crowded pedestrian shopping street. Inside, visitors can browse and shop following a simple and linear consumer journey, aligned with the fashion jewelry market demand. The interiors are designed following the plan of the retail spaces Brosway Italia and S’Agapõ’s already have on the Italian territory, in a structured net of corners and shops in shop.

Bros Manifatture has become more and more prominent within the fashion jewelry sector, so much it registered a growth of 35% in 2022 compared to the same period in 2021. The growth was also led by an active collaboration with key-partners, often evolving in exclusive collaborations, such as the opening of stores dedicated to the brands of the Group.