Brooklyn-based fıne jewelry desıgner Bernard James presented Fungı collectıon

For Brooklyn-based fine jewelry designer Bernard James, inspiration can come from a variety of places. Whether it be natural sources like flowers or human constructions like mirrors, the intersection of life and elevated designs remains steady. Now, the fine jeweler is reaching into nature once more with the release of his Fungi collection.

As a related continuation of James’ Flora collection, the Fungi offering explores the relationship between these two entities. Specifically, by utilizing fungi as a source for fine jewelry designs, the latest offering uncovers the beauty of even the smallest components of nature.

Forming the collection is a range of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, ear cuffs and rings made from 14K gold and sterling silver. For added allure, 14K gold pieces come in gold, white gold and rose gold hues. Whether it be a necklace or earring, the collection crafts its designs from the Coprinpsis Lagopus, Laccaria Lacatta and Hygrocybe Conica mushroom species. A collection highlight is the handcrafted Fungi Coninca Diamond Ring crafted from 18K white gold with over 400 hand-set VS white diamonds.