Art and horology unıte once agaın ın the latest collaboratıon between Zenıth and Felıpe Pantone

The new piece builds on last year’s Defy 21 with a new exploration of optical art; innovative techniques imbue the watch with a subtle shimmer, the result of a radial hologram only appearing in the right lighting conditions.

Pantone takes a cue from his ‘Planned Iridescence’ series in the design, with the juxtaposition of metallic bold colours and strong geometric shapes inspiring the optical illusions that play out on the watch itself. ‘I truly appreciate the craftsmanship dedicated to watches, and the creative aspect. I like the fact that there’s a mechanic and artistic history and evolution. I love to take that into account and to be able to be part of it,’ Pantone says.

Crafted from mirror-polished stainless steel, the watch is imbued with prisms of colour throughout its design. It is an effect that also plays out on the dial, with elements of sapphire creating a metallic effect, and geometric patterns when angled under the light. The chromatic shimmer, achieved by a transparent sapphire disc which acts as the dial’s base, is subjected to a physio-chemical process that creates minuscule engraved patterns.