Boucheron unveils heroines for a new holiday campaign

Boucheron unveils heroines for a new holiday campaign

All these girls will take part in the Sharing Holiday Emotions campaign.

Each heroine is unique and unrepeatable, nevertheless, they have a lot in common: thanks to their elegance and attitude, a successful career and their life choices, all six heroines personify femininity and that special style that are so important for the Boucheron brand.    

The first heroine is actress Zhou Dongyu, who became the brand’s ambassador back in 2018. She has appeared in over thirty films since 2010, and in 2020 she won the Hong Kong Film Awards, the People’s Hundred Flowers Award, and the “11th Guild of China Film Directors Guild Award” for Best Actress.

The second heroine is a famous model, author, TV presenter and creative director of her brand Alexa Chung. It seems that the number of her professions can be compared to the number of her jewelry and accessories.

The third heroine is a style icon from the Middle East, Lebanese model Nour Arida. The girl managed to become not only an entrepreneur, but also to give birth to a child. At the same time, Arida actively maintains Instagram and tries to share her energy and outlook on things with her subscribers.

The fourth Australian heroine, Hannah Quinlivan, seems to have time to do everything at once. She is a successful actress, founder of the Jendes brand and the wife of renowned Taiwanese musician Jay Chou.

The fifth heroine is South Korean actress Jung Eun-chae. She studied at the Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design, but decided to connect her career with film and music. Jung made her debut at the 63rd Berlin Film Festival with “Nobody’s Daughter Haewon”, where she played the main character. The girl also recorded and released an album, music and lyrics for which she wrote herself.

So finally, the sixth heroine is the Japanese model Rola. She has appeared on numerous magazine covers and is considered one of the most popular and influential models in Japan. And her path began with an ordinary blog. Now she is not only pursuing her career, but also launched a brand that produces sustainable workout clothes.

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