The limited edition Balenciaga x Jacob & Co. high jewellery collection, Diamant, showcases the underlying trust and kinship between the two brands. It also includes the Typo and BB high jewellery pieces, infusing the spirit of large Cuban link chains, two-finger rings, and nameplate necklaces.

The collection seeks to infuse the spirit of big Cuban link chains, two-finger rings, and nameplate necklaces. Demna (Gvasalia), creative director of Balenciaga, chose Jacob & Co. as a collaborator because they are not a traditional jeweller. The partnership pushes boundaries, and the result is both innovative and unconventional.

The collaboration seamlessly marries Balenciaga’s expansion into high jewellery with Jacob & Co.’s venture into high fashion, resulting in the exquisite Diamant collection. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the collection features two necklaces, one ring, and one bracelet, all hand-crafted in 18K white gold and white diamonds.

Typo is a high-jewellery staging of hand-written ‘Balenciaga’. The writing is executed in 18K white gold set with white diamonds. The first iteration in the collection is a wide two-finger ring and a pendant. Jacob & Co. is famous for its long experience in making signature jewellery, able to convey the identity of famous entertainers and artists such as Rihanna and Pharrell Williams. The intention with Typo is to provide the same level of expression.

BB exploits the ever-renewed craze for Cuban Link gold chains. A staple of hip-hop style for decades, this style is now ubiquitous and a fundamental high-end item. Jacob & Co. has been designing and crafting dozens of such iterations, many of them bespoke. BB is a new expression of that specific know-how. The wide and emphatic 18K white gold chains are pavé-set with white diamonds and feature a clasp taking on the shape of Balenciaga’s namesake initial B, with a mirror-effect.