Azza Fahmy Unveils An Enthralling Collection, Wonders of Nature Reimagined

In a continuation of a series of collections inspired by nature and living creatures, Azza Fahmy reinterprets her most admired subject, in her latest collection “Wonders of Nature: Reimagined”. The collection consists of four chapters that combine the classic Azza Fahmy style with a blend of exotic gemstones.

The snake has been a distinctive element of traditional peasant costumes for over 200 years, especially in ancient Egypt, where the snake represented fertility and strength. In this collection, the serpent is used as a symbol of rebirth, transformation and healing, as evident in the 18-karat Cabochon Snake Necklace. This piece is adorned with 21 cabochon-cut gemstones that enhance the color and come in a mix of rich colors and different stone options.

Ghaly uses the wire-twisting technique to create an 18-karat gold snake-shaped coil ring decorated with sapphires, diamonds or emeralds and turquoise. Symbols of protection and rebirth come together with the most powerful dynasties in history, the Ottoman Empire, to create a chapter in this collection through the use of twisted wires. Azza Fahmy reimagines the medal awarded by the Sublime Porte to civil servants and uses the star and crescent in inlay, in reference to prominent symbols in Ottoman history. In this part of the collection, the “Ottoman Star Earrings” are adorned with a perforated pattern and are equipped with different stone options to embody sophistication.

The third chapter in the collection focuses on power and authority, and the embodiment of nature is influenced by floral patterns. The collection showcases four handcrafted masterpieces, bearing lyrics sung by the famous late Egyptian singer Abdel Halim Hafez. The Hand-carved “al-Hawa Hawaya earrings” express sentimental courtship words in calligraphy on the exquisitely designed earrings, showing Azza Fahmy’s exceptional craftsmanship through hand-pierced floral patterns embellished with emeralds and sapphires.

The collection ends with a mix of classic pieces that highlight positive praise through poetic words, while highlighting Azza Fahmy’s distinctive wirework. The effect of “Art Deco” style is evident through the “Tassel Art Deco Necklace” and the “Multi-Way Art Deco Necklace”, which combine classic and modern characteristics at the same time.