Anna Zuckerman Luxury – Unıque Jewellery for everyone

Anna Zuckerman Luxury designs and sells ethically sourced and lab-created diamond crystalline, bridging the gap between fashion and fine jewelry. We compliment the traditional jewelry industry by offering economical add ons, or pieces that can be substituted for heirlooms when traveling, for example, or on the red carpet. Perfect for bridal showers and special events, these environmentally sustainable collections are a far cry from costume jewelry, while offered at a considerably reduced price from traditional precious stones.

Anna Zuckerman opened her first traditional jewelry store in Mequon, Wisconsin in 1996, and represents the 3rd generation of watchmakers/jewelry designers in her craftsman family.

After more than 20 years in the jewelry industry, Anna felt limited within the confines of traditional jewelry sales. She saw a need for luxury jewelry designed for everyday lifestyles and budgets. While exploring production options for her new line of jewelry, Anna researched state-of-the-art, conscientiously derived, precious metals and stones, as well as the nanotechnology behind it. She personally worked with manufacturing experts to develop what is now known as Diamond Coated Crystalline; a new finishing technique that truly gives lab-created Jewels the same intricate beauty of diamonds, while ensuring they remain both high in quality and shockingly affordable.