Greek fashion designer Mary Katrantzou and Roman jewelery brand Bulgari came together for a new collaboration under the ever-evolving Serpenti symbol. The mini capsule collection consists of four limited edition Serpenti bags that offer a special insight into the reign of the legendary serpent. The pieces in the collection open the doors to an impressive world where Bulgari’s iconic symbols and jewelery motifs are born with originality and courage, lush gardens, colorful blooming flowers and fascinating creatures.

The iconic handle of the bag chosen for this special collaboration, famous for its versatile use and irresistible design, has been reinterpreted with the flawless snakehead motif on the bag, which Mary Katrantzou made in her first collaboration with Bulgari. The white canvas body of the bag reveals the designer’s vision. Named the “Queen of Prints” for her passionate, poetic and maximalist creations, Mary Katrantzou works with the experienced artisans of Atelier Montex in Paris for the capsule collection. The collection includes real Haute Couture works with three-dimensional trompe-l’œil embroidery that interprets the admirable scenes of nature.

A sign of personal growth, uniqueness and individual beauty, the Serpenti Tree of Life bag becomes a striking metaphor of Bulgari’s unrivaled aesthetics and inspiration with the symbolic tree on it. In a Surrealist composition, Bulgari’s High Jewelery items represent precious fruit in the Tree of Life, while the tree’s dazzling trunk and branches evoke a Serpenti jewelery creation studded with diamonds. The case, completed in approximately 100 hours, and containing, among other decorative elements, more than 1,400 glass beads, 300 crystal beads and 410 glass tubes; It represents the marriage of jewellery inspiration, leather art and Haute Couture mastery.

Based on the lush and enchanting landscapes found on the artistic dials of Bulgari’s Il Giardino Tropicale, Il Giardino Paradiso and Il Giardino Notturno watch series, the Serpenti Tropical Garden of Eden case invites you to plunge into the magic, mystery and enchanting beauty of the garden of wonders. Sparkling flowers reminiscent of Bulgari’s floral jewels bloom in this lush and lush garden, while colorful birds fly from one branch to the next. In the background, the sky turns from light blue to blue, capturing that magical moment when day turns into night. With 105 hours of work, this bag features over 1800 meticulously hand-stitched decorative items, presenting a composition in which a masterpiece of craftsmanship is placed on the body of the bag.

Inspired by the legendary necklace that dates back to 2005 and is part of the Bulgari Heritage Collection, the Serpenti Opulent Garden of Eden bag celebrates the most vibrant colors of nature with its precious stones-like design language. A tribute to Bulgari’s unrivaled art and rich creative heritage, the bag depicts the intricate craftsmanship behind the famous necklace with stunning embroidery throughout. Made with more than 420 crystal stones and around 3300 glass pieces, this sumptuous decor dazzles with golden elements embellished with colored stones such as worked citrines, aquamarines, rose quartz and amethysts. The design, which is achieved with 120 hours of mastery work, is the triumph of colors, movement and superior intelligence…

Playing on the beautiful contrast of black background and exuberant embroidery, the Serpenti Midnight Garden of Eden bag offers a night version of Bulgari’s enchanting garden of wonders. A timeless symbol of beauty and grace, the stunning peacock takes the stage amid the euphoria of colorful flowers and evokes Divas’ Dream creations glorifying the legendary bird. Completed with 60 hours of master craftsmanship, the bag contains approximately 1,500 glass beads and tubes, crystal stones and sequins.

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