An amazıng rıng wıth a unıque Paraıba tourmalıne appeared ın the Parure Atelıer collectıon

Hunters for unique gemstones from jewelry brand Parure Atelier have shared their latest priceless find. For the most dedicated connoisseurs of high jewelry art, the brand’s craftsmen have created a white gold ring with a rare Paraiba tourmaline weighing almost 40 carats.

Paraiba is the rarest and most expensive variety of tourmaline, discovered in Brazil only at the end of the 20th century. It is distinguished by a wide color palette and a bright, almost neon glow. So, the “classic” Paraiba tourmaline has a rich azure hue, reminiscent of the crystal clear waters of the ocean. The jewel received a cabochon cut and surrounded by diamonds with a total weight of 2.3 carats.