adventure wıth the fun-loving Pıxar frıends to Pandora

Walt Disney created some of the most magical stories and characters of the modern day. Discover the Disney x Pandora jewellery collection, a selection of truly magical Disney Pandora charms and bracelets featuring your favourite characters. The perfect way of adding a touch of magic to your personal style. 

The Luxe by Hugh Rice range of Disney Pandora charms has something for every Disney lover, with a stunning collection of charms from most classic Disney films, princess rings, and even bracelets with princess, Mickey Mouse or Cinderella’s pumpkin coach clasps. From Pixar’s Wall-E, Sulley and Remy to Edna and Joy, we’ve got all the charms of your favourite characters. Now it’s up to you to pick the ones you love the most and wear them side by side.

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