A wonderful journey to the Jewellery World -The New Edıtıon of “Understandıng Jewellery: The 20th Century”

Understanding Jewellery: The 20th Century by David Bennett and Daniela Mascetti is not a definitive book on the history of jewelry. This book is a love letter to glorious pieces from the last hundred years. Page after page of unexpected delights take your breath away. Given Bennett’s and Mascetti’s history, that is no surprise. Both authors were leaders of Sotheby’s jewelry department with more than 80 years tenure at the venerable auction house between them.

In the past they have teamed up to write two other books, Celebrating Jewellery and the wildly popular first edition of Understanding Jewellery. Earlier this year they launched a platform for jewelry education and experiences that includes a website with a blend of free and subscription content also called, Understanding Jewellery.

So, this holiday season one copy of Understanding Jewellery goes to my friend Samantha who only shops brand-name department store jewelry. I’m certain the eye candy in this book will introduce her to and open her eyes to the idea of vintage. I think it’s time for Sam to graduate to a tank bracelet like the one shown on page 106, A gold bracelet, by Boucheron, Paris, the 1940s.