Zenıth contınues to draw ınspıratıon from the starry sky

The starry sky has always inspired people to new achievements and inventions. The craftsmen of the Zenith manufactory also draw inspiration from space, because this is inherent in the history of the brand. The new décor technique has allowed Zenith’s unique and expressive aesthetics to be portrayed. This is how DEFY Zero G and DEFY 21 Double Tourbillon turned out.

All parts of the movement are covered with a blue PVD coating, as well as engraved lettering and decorative elements in the form of stars on the bridges. This technique provides contrast and adds depth to the mechanism that exudes radiance.

The cosmic design of the model is complemented by the image of the Red planet Mars on the small seconds hand, and the blue tones in the platinum and bridges resemble a night sky dotted with stars.

The DEFY 21 Double Tourbillion stands out with a chronometer tourbillon that completes a full revolution in 60 seconds, and a chronograph tourbillon that rotates in 5 seconds. So this is one of the highest accuracy rates in the world. The movement has a stellar aesthetic and is inspired by space.

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