valentıne’s day jewelry spendıng to be hıghest ever

US consumer spending on jewelry will break records this Valentine’s Day, rising 51% year on year, the National Retail Federation (NRF) predicted.

Consumers intend to lay out $6.2 billion on the category, the highest since the NRF began in its survey in 2004, the organization said Monday. Overall spending on gifts for loved ones will increase 10% compared with 2021 for a total of $23.9 billion, it forecast.

“Following the historic level of consumer spending over the winter holidays, it appears that the trend will continue into 2022,” NRF CEO Matthew Shay explained. “Valentine’s Day is a special occasion for many Americans, even more so as we navigate out of the pandemic, and retailers are prepared to help them mark the holiday in a memorable and meaningful way.”

More than half of US consumers expect to celebrate the holiday in 2022, with 76% of those stressing it is important to do so given the current state of the pandemic. Of those looking to spend, the average consumer will shell out $175, a 6% increase over last year’s figure, as shoppers intend to spend more on significant others or spouses.

Popular choices for gift-givers include candy, chosen by 56% of respondents, while 40% picked greeting cards and 37% said they would buy flowers. Nearly a third of those surveyed said they would give an evening out, up from 24% a year ago and just shy of pre-pandemic levels, the NRF noted. Some 22% chose jewelry as their number-one purchase for a loved one.

Those on the receiving end overwhelmingly selected a gift of experience, such as tickets to a concert or sporting event, as the present they would most like to get. The figure, which increased to 41% from 36% in 2021, indicates a return to levels seen prior to Covid-19, the NRF said.

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