Unıque gems ın the new Garrard treasure collectıon

The Jewelled Vault is home to the most spectacular rings. Discover outstanding diamonds, Royal Blue sapphires, Colombian emeralds, Pigeon’s Blood rubies and other rarities, showcased in unique designs that place these incredible stones centre stage.

Look deep inside these transcendent gems and each has an enchanting story to tell, whether in the rich, velvety blue of a sapphire or the crimson flashes of a ruby. The Jewelled Vault is home to some of the rarest gemstone in the world, including a spellbinding 5.05 carat oval Burmese ruby displaying a highly sought-after Pigeon’s Blood colour.

Sapphire one of king creations are an invitation to be bold, to be brave, to be elegant in designs that showcase the regal, vivid beauty of the finest blue sapphires. Extremely rare and collectable, discover the finest Padparadscha sapphire rings, set with stones from Sri Lanka that glow with the brilliant vibrancy of the most beautiful sunset.

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