Tıffany & Co. presented the most expensıve pıece of jewelry in theır hıstory

Tiffany & Co. presented in Dubai the most expensive piece of jewelry in their history – the World’s Fair necklace. Its cost is estimated at $ 20-30 million, but the representatives of the Jewelry House decided not to disclose it. This necklace is a reimagining of a piece pioneered by Tiffany & Co. for the World’s Fair in 1939. Then the central stone of the necklace was aquamarine weighing 200 carats, but today it consists entirely of diamonds with a total weight of 180 carats. In the center of the jewelry is an 80-carat diamond, which representatives of Tiffany & Co. called “Imperial”. This necklace also features platinum. The “imperial” diamond can also be removed from the necklace and installed in the ring – for this you need to loosen the fasteners. The buyer of the necklace will receive a lifetime service from Tiffany & Co .: the in-house jeweler will always be in touch to set the diamond from the necklace to the ring and vice versa.

This is the most expensive piece in the history of the House of Jewelry after the famous “Tiffany Diamond”, which is rated as “priceless” and cannot be sold. The new World’s Fair necklace will be put up for sale, provided the purchaser gives permission to use it for Tiffany & Co.’s exhibitions.

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