Tıffany & Co. Jewelry Desıgner Elsa Perettı has dıed

Famed Italian jewelry designer Elsa Peretti, who created timeless collaborations with Tiffany & Co. for decades, has died. She was 80.

Peretti died on Thursday at her home in Spain, the Nando and Elsa Peretti Foundation announced in a statement shared on social media on Friday.

Since joining Tiffany in 1974, Peretti created a number of iconic pieces for the luxury jewelry retailer, many of which were inspired by bone fragments and other natural elements.

Peretti is arguably the most successful female ever to work in the jewelry field. She designed earrings shaped like teardrops and used finely woven gold and silver mesh to create a feathery metallic scarf that could be draped or tied. One necklace design, on closer examination, was a metallic representation of the curving skeleton of a snake.

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