the stars of the tank française fılm share theır vısıons of french culture and cınema

It was 1917 when Louis Cartier ushered in a new era of timepieces, one that saw the typical round watch face transformed to follow the same straight line; the case, lugs and bracelet became one. Upon launch it was named ‘The Tank’ and has seen just a handful of redesigns in its century-long existence. The last iteration, the Cartier Tank Française, was released 25 years ago.

Made famous by the likes of Michelle Obama; Giselle Bündchen, Robin Wright and of course Princess Diana (a watch which would later be passed down to Meghan Markle) the Tank Française will see a relaunch this month as it is once again thrust into the limelight. Combining a sense of great classism and modern allure through subtle design evolution, it feels fitting that a film be created in honour of the relaunch.

Cartier commissioned British filmmaker Guy Ritchie, who is best known for his ensemble cast films, to capture this cultured tribute to the passing of time. Paris takes centre stage, supported by an international cast of strong personalities: Rami Malek, an Oscar winning actor, and Catherine Deneuve, the French legend of cinema and style.

It’s a story of chance, fate, and the karmic links that seem to exist between certain people. Rami Malek is on one side, while Catherine Deneuve is on the other. They playfully meet as they cross the Pont Alexandre III, during different eras, creating a moment of complicity. Two characters, two continents and two generations all linked by the same love of cinema and French culture – all while heroing the legendary Cartier timepiece.