The stars are choosıng – Walters Faıth Fıne Jewelry

It was while working together for another fine jewelry brand that designer Mollie Faith Good and her business partner, Stephanie Walters Abramow, discovered that they had a shared ideology when it came to both aesthetics and business. The name of their brand, Walters Faith, which they launched together in 2013, pays homage to the level of intimacy they imbue into each of the pieces the brand creates, as well as the passion that each have committed to the collection. With classic silhouettes that contain unexpected design details, Walters Faith has quickly become synonymous with effortless luxury. 

The coupling of Mollie’s artistic sensibilities with Stephanie’s business and industry savvy results in a seamless collaboration that has quickly garnered the brand a following among megawatt celebrities such as Meryl Streep, Jennifer Lopez, Charlize Theron and Mila Kunis.

While a relatively new brand, the seamless harmony with which Mollie and Stephanie blend their respective areas of expertise is evident in the cohesiveness and elegance of their body of work, and is a testament to the inevitable longevity of this female owned and operated business.