The new “All Eyes On You” collectıon from Altınbaş

Altınbaş presents an “All Eyes On You” collection, which blends the symbols of “Fatma Ana Eli” and “Eye” impressing with its innovative and aesthetic designs,

The leading brand of jewelry industry Altınbaş “All Eyes On You” collection includes stylish rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and Şahmeran.

The eyes, as the most special contact points with the world, gather all the light on them, reflect the beauty inside, become the glow of eternity.

This collection gives the message; “When you feel all your gaze on you, reflect the light inside your eyes in those special moments of your life”.

You can access the new “All Eyes On You” collection consisting of 14 carat diamonds at all Altınbaş stores and online

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