Pianegonda, jewelry brand of the Bros Manifatture Group, launches its new advertising campaign: a challenge between past and present, represented by the symbol of the Infinity… A perfect expression of boundless love feelings.

In the campaign, which includes a cultural message aimed at breaking discrimination, stereotypes and prejudices, the black model interacts with white statues in a sort of dialogue about the desire for change.

A strong, androgynous woman, proud and self-confident, determined in achieving her own goals. A woman able to defy tradition, choosing to be the way she is with no fear.

From Michelangelo’s Renaissance art to Boccioni’s futuristic brush strokes, from Canova’s marble classicism to Fontana’s bold cuts on canvas: an evolutionary process that leads to the rediscovery of new values. Values, that go beyond ancient canons of perfection and that celebrate the world’s diversity in each one of its forms; classic and modern, a sort of remixed sensation of old and new energy power, a pure and fresh beauty.

Pianegonda presents the Tecum collection with polished 925 silver and 18k gold elements. A minimalist and elegant light chains are accentuated by the infinity snap hook. The particular form of the symbol of the Infinity, a figure eight on its side, and the plot of weaves, make it possible to lengthen and personalize the jewel by mixing silver and gold in a simple and still unique way. Polished silver reflects the beauty of diversity, meets the rules of tradition and at the same time moves away from it.

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