The Manhattan Collectıon from bucherer epıtomıze the essence of tımeless elegance

Inspired by New York’s Manhattan – the city that never sleeps – Bucherer mimics the city’s clear architectural lines and glittering skyline in its new high jewellery collection.

Packed with pieces with unusual shapes and colours, Bucherer‘s new collection utilises rare coloured gemstones and diamonds. The exclusive pieces feature three sets of coloured gemstone creations and two diamond necklaces.

One of the necklaces, crafted with deep green-blue indigolites, fascinates with its interplay of gemstones. As well as eight octagon-cut indigolites – currently one of the most sought-after coloured gemstones in the world – ten zircons in blue and nine violet-blue tanzanites create an interplay of colours and contrasts, along with 300 baguette-cut diamonds set in the necklace.

The matching ring’s band is set with six baguette-cut zircons and six tanzanites, as well as a total of 152 brilliant-cut diamonds.

The 18k yellow gold ear clips with four tourmalines and 58 brilliant-cut diamonds are an ideal match, crafted with gold alloy to lend a warm look.

With its octagon-cut green tourmaline, the matching ring is perfect for those who like wearing tourmalines in combination with white gold. This piece also boasts eight baguette-cut tourmalines, six oval-cut sapphires and six oval-cut tsavolites, as well as 92 brilliant-cut diamonds and 38 baguette-cut diamonds.

The next piece, an 18k rose-gold necklace, is crafted with rare, orange-coloured mandarin garnets. The coloured gemstones of different shades contrast with each other, with 20 tourmalines and six oval-cut mandarin garnets.  

Its matching ear clips are set with two mandarin garnets and two tourmalines as well as 62 brilliant-cut diamonds. 

The 18k white gold ring completes this set, featuring four pink tourmalines, four orange sapphires, six baguette-cut green sapphires and six baguette-cut pink rubellites that are surrounded by 152 brilliant-cut diamonds. The centre stone is an impressive 8.13ct octagon-cut rubellite.

For those who prefer monochrome sparkle, Bucherer presents the Manhattan diamond necklace. The first creation boasts a total of 49 radiant-cut diamonds. With its mixed facet pattern, this cut maximises the reflection of light with a further 602 brilliant-cut diamonds. 

The second diamond necklace features the same design and, with its 56 classically elegant emerald-cut diamonds, has subtle radiance, which is complemented by 672 brilliant-cut diamonds.