The legendary Infınıty Dıamond by Graff

The tiara symbolizes the luxury that Graff is renowned for in the world of diamonds.  Once a century, we are surprised by the most unique stone – the largest in the form of a heart.      

A 157.8-carat stone of almost perfect quality is set in a tiara.  The “Infinity Diamond”, as it was dubbed, was cut and polished by Graff from a rough diamond weighing 373 carats. This 373-carat rough diamond is believed to be part of the legendary 1109-carat Lesedi La Rona diamond, bought by Graff in 2017 for $ 53 million.        

Infinity is the largest heart-shaped diamond in the world with a Vivid D color, VVS1 clarity and 157.80 carats.