The jewelers began to ınvest more ın platınum

The World Platinum Investment Council, an organization that works in the market for the sale of platinum, has calculated that the consumption of this metal only in China will rise by 13% in 2021. More brands are switching to this metal due to the rise in gold prices and the general crisis.

The CEO of the American brand Le Vian, whose jewelry is loved by Jennifer Lopez and Rihanna, explained the changes in the industry as follows: “Platinum can be passed down from generation to generation, it is stronger and more reliable than gold, which makes it an ideal metal for jewelry with which they want to mark important moments in life. We chose platinum as the metal of 2021 because believe it will grow in popularity, especially after the price of gold has risen”.

Platinum is an ideal base that emphasizes the dignity of any precious stones, while it is strong and reliable, which means that your favorite jewelry will last as long as possible.

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