The Great Frog Celebrates 60 Years of The Rollıng Stones Wıth Lımıted-Edıtıon Jewelry Collab

The British rock band The Rolling Stones has been active since 1962, and in its six decades of existence, it has helped to shape the music industry and pave the way for new sounds too. Likewise, The Great Frog has been making jewelry since 1972, crafting pieces for then-emerging subcultures such as heavy metal, rock ‘n’ roll, rockers, punks, and bikers. Now, the two come together for a limited-edition collaboration that perfectly captures the spirit of what both these icons represent.

For the collaboration, The Great Frog references The Rolling Stones’ 1968 chart-topping album Beggars Banquet, which is infamous for its graffitied toilet album cover. Now, the Michael Vosse-conceived artwork informs the collaborative jewelry line, resulting in a skull ring, I.D. bracelet, and naturally, a ring depicting the John Pasche-designed lips and tongue logo.

The Great Frog’s iconic skull ring is now adorned with engraved writing, just like that of the aforementioned album cover, as is the I.D. bracelet, while the tongue signet ring is made from hallmarked British 925 sterling silver and embellished with a solid 9ct yellow gold tongue logo. Likewise, the skull ring and bracelet follow the same material composition, with the latter featuring a unique clasp mechanism with an opening fashioned from the tongue emblem.

Speaking on the collaboration, Reino Lehtonen-Riley of The Great Frog said: “The Great Frog and The Rolling Stones were born from the epicenter of London's first youth culture movement, Carnaby Street, and are entwined by the ground swell of the era-defining rock and roll movement of the 1960s. Both intrinsically linked with the zeitgeist of the first rock and roll generation, this collaboration is 60 years in the making, so we are incredibly proud to work with the biggest and best band of all time.”

David Boyne, Managing Director of Bravado added: “We are excited to be collaborating with iconic London rock-n-roll heritage brand The Great Frog. This exclusive collection is inspired by the Beggars Banquet album, which will appeal to generations of Rolling Stones fans and will be a special purchase in the band’s 60th year.”

The Rolling Stones x The Great Frog jewelry will be available to purchase exclusively from the RS No.9 Carnaby flagship store in London on April 8, 2022. Take a closer look at the collaborative pieces above.