The dazzlıng story behınd Tıffany’s yellow dıamond

This 128-carat yellow gemstone links Gal Gadot with Lady Gaga and Audrey Hepburn.

The legendary diamond dazzles at the heart of a brand new adaptation of Christie’s 1937 novel, Death on the Nile. Gal Gadot’s character can be glimpsed on a staircase with her fiancé, played by Armie Hammer. Delicate gems twinkle about her ears and wrist, but it’s her incredible necklace, with its canary-coloured pendant, that really steals the show.

The sparkling yellow drop is actually a replica of one of the world’s largest and most exquisite coloured diamonds, the 128.54 carat Tiffany Diamond, which was unearthed in South Africa in 1877.

First time Oscar winning actress Audrey Hepburn weared jewellery in movie and publicity photoshoot for Breakfast At Tiffany’s.

In 1995, the diamond was set in Schlumberger’s famous ‘Bird on a Rock’ brooch design for a retrospective at Paris’ Musée des Arts Decoratif and it remained in that setting until last year, when Lady Gaga wore it as part of a custom-made necklace to the 2019 Academy Awards – the first time the stone had ever appeared on a red carpet.