The Clıp collectıon of Gısmondi 1754 – Sımplıcıty ınspıres beauty

A bond before becoming strong is delicate and fragile, it is the beginning of something that can become much more important. This is Clip, the collection of a thousand color combinations designed by Massimo Gismondi, CEO of Gismondi 1754.

In the beginning it doesn’t change people – just as a simple Clip doesn’t alter the sheets of paper it joins, marks them, but doesn’t damage them, it just and simply keeps them together. This jewelry collection symbolizes the first step in a union that is forever.

The collection comes in different versions: pink gold with diamonds, pink gold with pink sapphires, white gold with sapphires, white gold with sapphires and diamonds, pink gold with emeralds and pink sapphires.

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