Rubberized earrings by Sunnei

Sunnei is an Italian brand founded in 2015 by self-taught designers Simone Rizzo and Loris Messina. In 2018, Simone and Loris launched a women’s line and became a regular participant in Milan Fashion Week. But the most interesting category of Sunnei are their unique accessories.

These are thick hoop earrings, as if stained with paint. In fact, this is not acrylic or clay stuck on top, but rubber, which is applied to the rings using a technology developed by the brand, the secret of which Simone and Loris don’t reveal. They were helped in this by an Italian jewelry designer, whose name is also kept secret.

These earrings cost about 200 euros. You can buy them on Farfetch and on the official website of the brand. Just the other day, Simone and Loris presented a new drop, which includes bright red, purple, green, pink, and almost everything is already sold out.