“Style ıs to be sımple”- Elsa Perettı’s most popular desıgns

Renowned for her distinctive sculptural, organic aesthetic, the captivating jewelry of visionary designer Elsa Peretti is irresistibly sensual and tactile. Peretti’s iconic designs are as modern today as ever.

By 1974, Peretti had signed an exclusive contract with Tiffany & Co., where she went on to design some of its most recognizable pieces, including the Bone Cuff bracelet, which recently celebrated 50 years of success. She is known for elevating the status of sterling silver during her time at the brand and for introducing diamonds to fashion as a part of everyday wear.

The Bone Cuff became a favorite accessory of everyone from Grace Jones to Liza Minnelli, who was photographed wearing it on the cover of New York Magazine in 1997.

Peretti was way ahead of the bean craze. For her, the humble legume was a symbol of life’s beginnings. She turned it into something like a precious stone, with necklaces, suit cuffs, and even lighters. The bean’s shape, which gives the impression of a gentle thumb print, allows it to fit naturally in your hand.