State Property Has Launched a Men’s Collectıon

The campaign’s ads feature the newest State Property styles shown at Couture 2022 and launched online and in stores this summer, as well as best-selling pieces.

It was important to State Property’s husband-and-wife designers, Ruiyin Lin and Afzal Imram, to reframe the way consumers see their existing collections.

They did so through images that showcase the mix of new and core collection jewels on male models in an effort to make it stylistically accessible to men as in the past, the brand has only shown its jewelry on women.

The move is a natural progression since, after all, State Property is a company rooted in both a female and male perspective.

The campaign acts as a visual styling cue for the burgeoning male demographic.

“Because many of our pieces tow the tight line between masculinity and femininity, we wanted to create imagery that would speak to that, and perhaps help our male audience be inspired by the style that we are presenting,” they said.

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