Sonıa collectıon of GFG Jewellery by Nılufer

GFG Jewellery by Nilufer is a London based fine Jewellery company established by founder, Nilufer Kizilkaya with the vision to encapsulate timeless beauty with responsibly sourced gemstones and natural diamonds that are mined according to the Kimberly and UN Environmental Acts.

The inspiration of the Sonia collection is the beautiful colourful diamonds that have the most pretty sunshine like sparkle which we all are in need of along with the Sonia name which also has the meaning of Golden, Lovely, Pretty and very beautiful.
The Sonia collection is created with natural fancy coloured and white diamonds. GFG Jewellery has incorporated into some pieces golden South Sea pearls, emeralds and sapphires to add a touch of colour.

The collection is set in 18kt gold and is available through retail outlets stocking GFG Jewellery and GFG Jewellery online.

Sonia Collection
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