Rıchard Mılle unveıls ıts latest flagshıp boutıque ın St Martın, Sıngapore

Swiss manufacture Richard Mille stands out for its bold designs that encase the latest, most daring technology and intricate mechanisms. This approach is replicated on a larger scale at the brand’s new boutique in Singapore: a 7,500 sq ft lifestyle space in the Lion City’s Orchard Road district, St Martin takes its cues from a classic speakeasy, its traditional shopfront concealing the treasure trove within.

Stepping inside the St Martin boutique is like being immersed in the brand’s ethos: each room exudes a unique vibe, reflecting the multifaceted inspirations of the brand’s founder himself. The boutique contains not only areas dedicated to Richard Mille creations, but also other aspects of luxury lifestyle. At the opening of the boutique, chief operating officer of Richard Mille Asia Bryan Tan spoke about the challenges faced by the team while designing the boutique. At the press conference held at the boutique in early October, he said, “[There were many] unforgettable experiences and unforeseeable circumstances, not to forget that Covid happened, which caused a lot of the work to stop, but I’m glad that we didn’t compromise on what we wanted to achieve.”

The hub is the heart of the St Martin boutique; dominated by a striking installation of an olive tree by French artist William Amor—one of 30 artisans to contribute to the boutique’s aesthetic—which symbolises friendship, peace and health; it is the starting point of the journey through the interconnected spaces. The crafting space is an ode to the artistry and attention to detail that go into each Richard Mille timepiece. Here, visitors can witness artisans at work, demonstrating the brand’s commitment to craftsmanship and excellence.

The restaurant offers a menu that features a mix of local and international cuisine, carefully curated to cater to a variety of palates, while the Bar is a nod to the speakeasy concept, offering a wide array of beverages in an intimate, relaxed setting. The sports bar is a tribute to Richard Mille’s passion for sport and the brand’s numerous partnerships with athletes. It features a dynamic, energetic atmosphere, complete with sporting memorabilia and live screenings of various sporting events.