Pasquale Brunı Petıt Jolı Bouquet floral collectıon wıll be your sprıng motıvatıon

This cold season, Pasquale Bruni launched the Petit Joli Bouquet collection that celebrates the love of flowers. Since the street is gray, cold and slush, rings, bracelets, sautoirs, earrings-bouquets and chandeliers in the form of the legendary Pasquale Bruni flowers with five petals, made in colorful life-affirming shades, that will help to survive the cold season.

All Petit Joli Bouquet jewels are crafted from rose gold and complemented with signature cut minerals – green agates, pink chalcedony, carnelian, onyx, and moon-blue lapis lazuli.

Eugenia Bruni was inspired to create this line by walking through Milan’s “Library of Trees”. This island of untouched flora made Bruni think about the freedom and perfection of nature.