Oscar Heyman – a new vısıon of future

American jewellery house Oscar Heyman, which opened its doors in 1912, was the creative force behind some of the most iconic pieces in our jewellery history books. True connoisseurs would easily recognise ‘Birds in Flight’ – a stunning, gem-studded bracelet showcasing tropical birds in flight betwixt floral sprigs – as an Oscar Heyman masterpiece crafted in 1927.

Oscar Heyman, which celebrates its 110th anniversary this year, remains a force to reckon with in the industry. Distinguished the world over for its illustrious history and indispensable contribution to American jewellery manufacturing, the company is witness to the ever-changing landscape of the jewellery trade.

Third-generation jeweller and co-president of the company Tom Heyman explained that while the world has changed tremendously since 1912, the company’s philosophy to produce top-quality jewellery using the finest gemstones remains constant. A significant transformation however was a decision in the 1970s to start building the Oscar Heyman brand.

Oscar Heyman is renowned for its exquisite use of high-quality coloured gemstones, which are the stars of its inimitable jewellery designs. It uses a great deal of emeralds, sapphires and rubies but it also works with Paraiba tourmalines, opals, alexandrites, chrysoberyl cat’s-eyes, star sapphires and rubies, aquamarines and pastel-coloured fancy sapphires. The pieces come in 18-karat yellow gold or platinum.

Oscar Heyman is likewise incorporating trendier, more casual items in its product portfolio as a way to entice a younger generation of buyers. These daily-wear pieces retain Oscar Heyman’s patented opulence. Tom described the pieces as upwardly mobile, catering to consumers in their 20s and 30s. He continued, ‘Millennials and Gen Zs are aspirational and are looking for pieces that they can wear to the office and to dinner with friends. What we are not changing is our dedication to making the finest-quality jewellery.’