Navneet Gems & Mınerals launches ‘Salt and Pepper’ Sapphıres from Tanzanıa

Thailand–based gemstone manufacturer Navneet Gems and Minerals launches a wholesale collection of responsibly sourced ‘Salt and Pepper’ Sapphires from Tanzania ranging between 0.5 to 2 carats sizes in commercial to finer qualities. Colors range from yellow, greens to teal sapphires.

The collection comprises 100 to 150 pieces from the Songea region in Tanzania, catering to all preferences—from single stones, calibrated to fancy shapes.

Salt and pepper sapphires are sourced globally, with notable deposits found in regions including Australia and Sri Lanka. Those hailing from Tanzania produce a clear black inclusion owing to hematite minerals inside.

According to Navneet Agarwal, Sales and Marketing Manager of Navneet Gems & Minerals, salt and pepper sapphires from Tanzania exhibit a distinct character and have a similar color profile to Montana sapphires. “Salt and pepper teal sapphires featuring eye-visible pepper inclusions are exclusively found in Tanzania,” he explains.

Some of these sapphires may also exhibit color change, although this characteristic varies between individual stones.

Historically maintaining consistency in supply has proved challenging in Tanzania, with many pits closing rapidly after six months to one year. Agarwal explains, “In 2024, everyone is searching for something distinctive—something that can be quantified and sold in larger quantities consistently. We have sourced enough material directly from the mines, which can be sold for several years as we want to provide our clients consistent supply. What happens afterwards would not be in our hands, but depends on how much the earth is producing.”