Nanıs Tennıs bracelet – elegant, extremely versatıle and refıned, the ‘must have’ ın the jewelry box of every woman

At the beginning, this jewel was called ‘Eternity bracelet’ for its concealed closure that makes it a bracelet without a beginning or an end, the symbol of an infinite love.

An epic tennis match, however, caused the change of the jewel’s name: during the match the player Chris Evert lost her bracelet, bringing to the interruption of the game to try to recover it. From this event, the ‘Eternity bracelet’ was then renamed in ‘Tennis bracelet’. From that moment, the demand for the Tennis bracelet started to increase always more. Most of the women realized that it was a bracelet easy to wear and perfect for every occasion, because it gives a touch of shine for every look, from a simple jeans trousers to an elegant dress.

Nanis wanted to revisit the classic Tennis bracelet in a contemporary way, wishing to give life to an elegant contamination between this design and the iconic shape of the brand: the boule. The first bracelet born from this project was the Élite Tennis, where the diamonds bars alternate with the 18kt gold boules, engraved by hand and with irregular shapes and sizes. The experimentation of our designer Laura didn’t stop here though. During the years it continued to grow, powered by her love for the natural stones and choosing them as protagonists to always create new versions of this timeless bracelet. Milky Aquamarine, London Blue Topaz, Black Onyx, Rutilated Quartz, Pink and Green Tourmalines: every gem gave life to a unique interpretation of this jewel, with a classic and timeless charm at the same time.