Messıka has released a new collectıon My Move

Traditionally, Valerie Messika every year adds something new to her Move series with movable gems. This time the founder of Messika chose a material unusual for the brand – leather, having released the My Move collection of bracelets. The strap of the jewelry is made of it; it is wrapped around the wrist in a spiral.

You can choose your bracelet from more than 300 combinations, combining in different ways the material and design of the main element with a moving diamond, as well as the color and texture of the strap. The palette of shades is very wide: from scarlet, tangerine, olive, purple to turquoise, dark blue, sand and emerald. Also in the collection of the brand there is a block of basic colors: black, white, gray and dark brown.

As for the jewelry piece, there are options in gold, titanium and pavé. You can also wear My Move Messika bracelets freely: individually or in combination with each other.

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