Marıa Frerıng Jewelry – A modern readıng of the art of cross-stıtchıng

Recently, we have seen how the creative component has become more and more important in the jewelry business. And this is observed throughout the world jewelry community and is becoming a trend.

Brazilian jewelry designer Maria Frering adds a modern twist to the art of cross-stitching. Reimagining the spirit of Brazilian Carioca culture, she imitates precious stones with cross-stitching. First, the designer hand-embroider the elements of the proposed decor, then the pattern moves into the jewelry.

Today the Marıa Frering brand already has its admirers. All of the designer’s jewelry is meticulously crafted by the talented craftsmen of the Coop-Roca Association. Each new collection is a true exploration of the cultural richness born of the clash of embroidery tradition and passion for jewelry.